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An adult flea is a tiny insect, roughly the size of a pin head and is dark brown in colour. Fleas feed on the blood of wild animals, pets and even humans.

The female flea consumes 15 times her own body weight in blood daily and can also lay 2000 eggs in her life time.

 The flea treatment in more simple than you might think, simply book a convenient day and time for you, pick up as much as you can of your floors in the effected room/rooms. We will the come in and spray the effected areas with a proffesional level insecticide, the spray will remain active for many weeks, if after two weeks you still find fleas we will come and retreat your house free of charge.

Prices start from £30 please give us a call or come into the shop for a free no obligation quote.



A wasp nest can contain up to 10,000 wasps and can get up to the size of a football.

Wasps will forage for food up to 400 meters away from the nest.

Our wasp nest control service is an easy stress free process for you, we will come and spray the nest using a professional level insecticide, this means that in 24 hours the wasp nest should be clear.

The great thing about the insecticide that we use, is that it remains active for a long period of time, meaning if the nest is left in the same position after it has been treated any wasps that enter for weeks after the treatment will also die, helping to stop further nests being created.

 Pricing starts at just £40 per nest and discounts are available for additional nests treated on the same visit.