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Bird & Small Animal Supplies


Caged birds and aviary products

• Aviary and caged bird feed

• Feeders and drinkers

• Health products and supplements

• Grits and minerals

• Accessories and toys

• Cages and cage care

• Nesting and hand feeding products

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Big birds or tiny feathered friends

Whether you want to encourage wild birds into your garden or enjoy the company of a feathered friend indoors, we offer products to suit many different species and sizes:

• Wild birds                 • Canaries

• Finches                     • Budgies

• Parakeets                 • Cockatiels

• Parrots                      • Love birds


Premier poultry products

Happy hens are productive hens. Whether you've got a smallholding or you own a few backyard hens, we can help with our range of competitively priced poultry products.

• Poultry food, mixed corn, meal worms

• Layers' mash and pellets

• Feeders, drinkers, grit and accessories

• Hen health and coop hygiene treatments

Not sure? Ask us about backyard hen care.